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My Tips for Curing Wintertime Skin Blues

wintertime skin blues

Winter has finally arrived. I don’t know about you but now that the holidays are over, I am ready for the warm weather to return. I am such a baby since other parts of our country are freezing but that is why I live in California!!! I always notice that my skin changes so much in the winter. When doing facials on my clients I observe lots of changes to their skin during this time as well. Wintertime months = skin blues! Here are a few of my tips to cure wintertime skin blues:

  1. It is time to change to a less-harsh cleanser. I just switched from the Osmosis Purify Cleanser to their Cleanse Cleanser. The creamier cleanser is less drying to my skin.
  2. Make sure to take time to exfoliate your skin with an enzyme two times a week. The Polish Enzyme Firming Mask from Osmosis is my go-to product for keeping those dead skin cells from building up and it leaves my skin soft, glowing, and beautiful.
  3. You may also want to switch your evening moisturizer to a more emollient one to ensure that your skin is well hydrated while you sleep.
  4. Please protect your lips!!! Most of us, including myself, are walking around with dry, chapped, irritated, red lips these days. My ultimate favorite new lip product is the Lip Hydrator made with avocado oil from Sorella Apothocary. Hands down the best I have ever tried. It can also be worn under your lipstick and gloss. Apply it at night and in the morning your lips will be repaired. New to the salon and I love it!
  5. Don’t forget your hands. Your hands will give your age away fast if you don’t take care of them. I have been using my favorite new tool My Skin Buddy to cleanse, exfoliate, and penetrate my Jan Marini C-Esta Vitamin C Serum into the skin. I then make sure to moisturize my hands several times a day. It is not worth it to have dry, chapped, painful hands. Wear gloves when doing the dishes. This will save them from looking 100 years old friends!!!
  6. Weekly masking is a MUST. My go-to masks right now are Hydralift and Tropical Mango Masks, both from Osmosis. I do this on the same night I exfoliate my skin, so it is a little treat for me. Self-care is so important!
  7. Get in for a fabulous facial. Winter is a great time to start new skin care treatments to achieve the beautiful skin that you deserve. The amazing Winter Facial Special has been designed to hydrate, protect, and oxygenate the skin. This treatment will leave your skin looking fabulous and glowing during the winter.
  8. Make sure to drink your water. I know most of us are drinking warmer things like tea and coffee which can be dehydrating. It is so important to keep our bodies hydrated by drinking lots and lots of H2O. This keeps our skin looking great but also keeps our bodies feeling good. Try drinking warm water with lemon if cold water sounds awful during these cold months.
  9. It is time to check your makeup and probably change the color or type you may be using. Sometimes a thicker foundation is needed and the tinted moisturizer you were using in the summer just is not cutting it. Might be time to try a BB cream or change from the pressed powder to a loose powder. Always use your hydration spray throughout the day. Also, time to check the shade you are using. We need to make sure that your foundation color matches your neck. We do not want anyone walking around with the summer makeup color on the face and a neck line that is way too light. That is a big makeup NO NO! I am happy to help you choose the right makeup foundation and powder that suits you.  Just let me know or schedule an appointment. I do makeup consultations!
  10. One last thing to keep those wintertime blues away is to be sure to exercise, eat right, and get plenty of sleep. Now that the holidays are over, get back to taking care of yourself and do at least one thing a day that makes you smile. I know that everyone gets so busy during the holidays that self-care gets put on the back burner. Time for you!!!

Hope this list is helpful for you during these winter months. Here’s to a 2018 being filled with healthy, beautiful, radiant skin, and a positive, happy outlook. 



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