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Give Your Skin a Summer Makeover

Beautiful skin that is healthy and glowing is the secret to standing out in a crowd. However, the summer can bring some specific challenges to the goal of having gorgeous skin. To give your skin a healthy makeover as the summer months roll around, follow these helpful suggestions.

Seek Safety In Shade and High SPF Numbers

The hot summer months can bring on dry and flaky skin as sun exposure takes a toll. Protecting skin from the hot sun is one of most important aspects of getting through the summer with lovely skin, so make sun protection a top priority. A bad burn can bring on peeling and flakiness, but more than that, long-term exposure to the sun can bring on premature aging, as deep lines form in the skin. Here are the key factors to remember in protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful rays and to keep it feeling plump and moist:

Though many people tout a deep tan as the route to great beauty, people with naturally fair skin should embrace their lightness, and stay in the shade to prevent serious damage from the sun. However, those with fair skin shouldn’t despair! You can still show off a beautiful tan by safety getting an airbrush tan at your local salon.

Exfoliate to Keep Skin Shiny and Bright

Every day the skin sheds a lot of dead cells as part of the natural process of regeneration. The problem is, a lot of these cells stay on the skin’s surface if they aren’t encouraged to say bye bye. That’s why exfoliation, which is the process of removing the dead cells from the skin surface via a gentle scrub, is so important. Here are tips on doing a summer makeover by sloughing off those dead skin cells. Your skin will thank you for it!


The body loves water and so does your skin. Be sure to take in even more water over the summer months to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. Add even more flavor and vitamins by adding fresh fruit to your water, like slices of lemon and cucumber, and sprigs of fresh mint. What a delicious way to give your skin the summer makeover it’s craving.

Go Au Natural

The summer months encourage a natural and healthy lifestyle, and a clean bright face (with minimal makeup) is one of the most beautiful looks around. Give your skin a makeover by taking a break from heavy foundations for a few days. Just go with a light tinted moisturizer and a dab of powder. You’ll be amazed how refreshed you’ll look with a light touch on the makeup.

Moisturize While You Wash

Some soaps can really dry the skin, which can also promote more oil production. This can bring on a bit of a vicious cycle, which is frustrating at best. Look for liquid cleansers that have extra moisturizer included, so you can keep clean without going dry and oily.

There’s no doubt that summer is a time to be celebrated. Try these easy summer makeover tips for a look that is fresh, clean and glowing, at the beach or out around town.

Pureskin aesthetic salon, a boutique studio located in Salinas, CA,  specializes in corrective facial skin care, anti-aging, and bridal makeup application. Amy Amaral, a highly sought after licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist, has helped hundreds of women experience total skin transformation.


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