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The Importance of Self Care

self care is so important

Have you ever woken up and felt as if a gigantic elephant was sitting on your chest? This has been happening to me a lot lately. From the moment my eyes open in the morning, my mind starts racing with all the things that need to get done. That bubble above my head looks something like this…get the kids ready for school, who is taking them to practice?, don’t forget to mail that check, we have no food/I need to go to the grocery store, check email, text back that client, make plans for the event next weekend, call sister, clean salon, pick up dry cleaning, OMG did I wash the boys’ uniforms for their game today???!!, holy crap what will I make for dinner?, place order for supplies, and on and on and on! In all the madness that goes flashing through my head, I finally realized that not one thing was something for myself. Being a mom, wife, and beauty biz owner, I am constantly taking care of everyone else. That is just how I have always been.

I had decided back in January of this year that I would get back on track with some self-care tactics. I got back to my workouts, my monthly massages, facials, acupuncture, and daily quiet moments…for a few weeks. Then February hit and all three boys were in different sports that were overlapping each other and the OVERWHELM set in! By March I was hit with some horrible flu bug that knocked me down for nearly the entire month. I had not been that sick in about 15 years. This was the first sign that my body was telling me to take care of me but guess what, I really didn’t listen.

Even in May, I didn’t realize that with all the crazy my head literally was not attached to my body. I was in a state of fright or flight ALL THE TIME. My body and mind were so exhausted that I was only sleeping maybe four hours a night. I was so inundated with all the stuff and running around that my workouts were sporadic. Working out for me is usually a good stress reliever. My diet consisted of unhealthy power bars, fruit, and snack food. Then the universe or God or whoever decided to speak a little louder. It was early one morning as I was rushing around getting the kids ready for school, being asked one million questions, and not paying attention, that I took a serious fall and landed on my right shoulder. As I laid sprawled out on the garage floor, all I could think of was “how will I take care of my family and how will I work if I just broke my shoulder?” Again, I was thinking of everyone else except myself. It didn’t even occur to me that I really needed to stop and take care of myself. I literally hadn’t done any self-care routines regularly since before I had kids. I was always telling my clients that they needed to take care of themselves, but here I was not listening to my own advice.

I know many moms are just like me. Always rushing around like lunatics with our heads about to fall off all day long and literally fall into bed at night just to get up the next day to do it all over again. We use all the excuses in the book. We are just too busy, right? When I finally had no choice but to take care of myself, it made me realize that I needed to slow the heck down. In those first couple of weeks I would just talk to myself and tell myself “Amy, slow down.” Most importantly, I made some serious changes in my life to take care of ME. I feel that self care is so important and since adding it back into my daily life, I can say for sure that it is necessary!

Here are just a few things I do to feed my soul and give myself the much-needed care I deserve in my busy life. I hope these help you start to take care of yourself:

1. Start my day with a positive mind set. I savor the quiet morning time. This is my time to pray, meditate, and journal.
2. Fit in a daily workout. To me, this saves my sanity. I love to get a good sweat on to relieve stress.
3. Establish and stick to healthy eating habits. I changed my diet completely and cut out sugar, dairy, and all processed foods.
4. Make those monthly or bi-monthly (or whenever you go) appointments for massage, acupuncture, and facials.
5. Find three things I’m grateful for.
6. Drink plenty of water.
7. Create quality family time…put the cell phone down and really be present!
8. Learn how to say NO!
9. Ask for help.
10. I always end my day with what I call a brain dump. I write down all the things swirling around in my head that might keep me awake at night. This allows me to sleep so much better.

I hope these little tips help you make some time for some self-care rituals in your life. I want you to think about what you do to take care of yourself. Are you running around like a crazy person and exhausting yourself? If you are, I highly suggest making some time for yourself! You don’t want to fall down and really injure yourself to finally be forced to listen to your body!

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