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Facial Waxing Salinas

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Pureskin offers cutting-edge skin care solutions to repair and enhance your skin from the inside out. Each service is tailored specifically to your skin type. You can also learn about at-home regimens that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Glowing Skin Facial

90 minutes / $175

This facial includes it all! A combination of microcurrent, oxygen infusion, and LED will be used. These powerful age reversal machines will give your skin the maximum results to keep your skin lifted, radiant, hydrated, and younger! For a truly remarkable difference in your skin this is the treatment for you.

Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial

$155 / 75 minutes

Customized to combat aging by combining enzymes and oxygen infusion therapy for dramatic results. Repairs sun damage, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, reduces dehydration, and evens skin pigmentation. Leaves skin supple, radiant, and literally glowing! This truly is the red carpet treatment!

Pureskin Medi Facial

$110 / 60 minutes

Formulated to obtain and maintain a healthy, radiant complexion. Leaves skin exfoliated, hydrated, and balanced.

Resolution Acne Facial

$125 / 60 minutes

Best for acne-prone, oily, and congested skin. Leaves skin clear and healed while preventing future breakouts.

Teen Facial

$85 / 45 minutes

Specifically designed for pre-teen/teenage skincare needs, our teen facial gently cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates to leave skin feeling fresh and detoxified.

The Microcurrent Facial *

$125 alone / 60 minutes / $40 when added to another facial

Uses advanced tama microcurrent technology to tone and tighten facial muscles by sending safe, painless impulses through the upper layers of skin. Aids in restoration, increases circulation, stimulates collagen, and improves tone and texture. Leaves skin lifted, firmer, and more youthful.
* For stunning results, we strongly recommended six bi-weekly treatments with monthly maintenance treatments.

RevitaPen Facial Treatment

$125 / 45 minutes

the perfect alternative to harsh treatments and procedures, this powerful anti-aging facial is painless, ultra-safe and the results are fast with very little down time. leaves skin refreshed, restored, and renewed!

LED Celluma Light Therapy Treatment

$60 / 30 minutes
or $35 Add-On

The blue light therapy treatment will aid in the healing of acne by decreasing inflammation and increasing circulation.  It will also improve skin tone, texture, and clarity.  The red light will decrease the appearance of sun damage and brown spots leaving the skin smooth, radiant, and glowing.

Serious about dramatic results? to obtain the best skin health, a series of customized facials is recommended. For ultimate anti-aging benefits, add a microderm and microcurrent treatment to any other facial. We also strongly recommend a specialized at-home care regimen to maximize and maintain optimal results.

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